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I’m Dr. Marshall, classical cardiologist by day, dedicated author and innovator by night.

But truthfully, this is only a recent journey for me. It’s been less than a year since I published the first Annals of Cardiology newsletter, signed myself up for Twitter and created Somehow, at the ripe age of fifty-nine, this past year has been one of my most transformative.

Let me give you a little insight into this new obsession of mine.

When I published my first book in 1989, On Call: Principles and Protocols, my co-author and I, both young naïve doctors, simply penned a letter to the biggest medical textbook publisher, and within days they had read the manuscript, given us the ‘all-good’ and started the publishing process. So easy!

It seems outlandish, but since then, there have been nine versions of the iPhone, five Mission Impossible movies and fifty-two percent of the hair on my head is grey. It all happened in a flash.

Fast-forward to 2017, I am eager to re-enter the literary world.  I decide to publish another book I’ve been working on, this one a patient education book appropriately titled ‘Indispensable Heart’. So, I speak to my publisher, who refers to me to an agent who looks over her spectacles and asks: “So, how many Twitter followers do you have?” Let’s just say the meeting went a little downhill from there.

When I published my first book it seemed all you needed was an academic qualification and quality content. Now I’ve learned that the one thing that ensures a successful book is an online presence. At first I was in disbelief, but it’s true – every time I look on Amazon’s Best Seller List, it’s either a Hollywood star’s most recent confessional, a flashy Kardashian picture book, or some literary monstrosity by a YouTuber who couldn’t possibly be old enough to read.

My initial approach to remedy my social media deficiencies was to start a newsletter so that I could begin creating an online presence and maybe sprout a little interest in my upcoming book. But somehow what began as a hobby has now taken roots, sprouted a stem, and blossomed into an online community that I unequivocally adore. So now, instead of limiting my reach to the ten or twenty patients I care for in my office every day, I get to share what I’ve learned with thousands of readers every month, from eighteen different countries around the world. I take the latest medical research, filter it through my twenty-five years of clinical experience, and recast it into easy-to-understand practical advice. And it never hurts to throw a laugh in there when things get too serious. Somehow my readers seem to enjoy my attempt at “Translating Science into Humanspeak”.

Its taken time and effort, but I think I’ve finally caught up to the world around me. If you had told me a year ago that this is what I would be doing, I would have quietly laughed, then wondered whether you were suffering from the beginnings of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

People say old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Hah! Thanks for being here to prove them wrong.


Always changing (I hope you are, too),

Dr. Marshall, The Old Dog of


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