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There’s a Bird in Your Chest

The Annals of Cardiology No.19 | Bird in Your Chest. What does it mean if you feel a bird in your chest? What are the best ways to treat atrial fibrillation? What is ablation?

Barber Shop Blood Pressures

The Annals of Cardiology No.18 | Barber Shop Blood Pressures. How often do you get your hair cut? If you’re like me, it depends on how many obstacles exist between you and the haircut appointment.

Heart Holes and PFOs

The Annals of Cardiology No.17 | Heart Holes and PFOs. What is a PFO? Do you have a hole in in your heart? Who's Samantha? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this week's newsletter.

Arugula and Bioresorbable Stents

As I’ve been on holiday with the family, I thought this would be a good time to release one of my original newsletters for new subscribers, now in our new, improved format. I hope you enjoy it.

Heart Disease and PTSD

The Annals of Cardiology No. 16 | Heart Disease and PTSD. Do defibrillator patients develop PTSD? Are men or women more likely to develop stress disorders? Why do doctors pick cardiology? Find the answers and more in this week's newsletter!

Coronary Calcium Scores

The Annals of Cardiology No. 15 | Coronary Calcium Scores. What is your Coronary Calcium Score? How radioactive are bananas? Are calcium supplements contributing to heart disease? Find out in this week's newsletter!

Magic Wands and Cybersecurity

The Annals of Cardiology No. 13 | Magic Wands and Cybersecurity. What would you do if you owned a magic wand? Would you make dinner appear just like that? Would you conjure up a million dollars? Or would you use it to control other people?

Language and Competition

The Annals of Cardiology No. 13 | Language and Competition. How does your doctor respond to your questions? Does he dress-up his answers in medical terms so that you don’t have a clue what he’s saying, or is he so dismissive that you feel like he’s talking to a five-year-old? I discuss these issues and more in this week's newsletter.

The Vascular Selfie

The Annals of Cardiology No. 12 | Millennials and the Vascular Selfie. Who is the world's “Most Connected Millennial”? What is your Fuster BEWAT Score? Do teenagers take too many selfies? The answer to all of these and more is in this month's issue of The Annals of Cardiology!

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The Annals of Cardiology No. 11 | New Blood Pressure Guidelines. When Americans awoke on November 13th, 2017, 31 million more of them had high blood pressure. How is this possible? Read this week's newsletter and find out!