Apples and Chips!

The Annals of Cardiology No.24 | APPLES AND CHIPS! What is a CONFIRM chip? Why may you need a pacemaker? What new gadgets can you use to detect heart rhythm problems?


The Annals of Cardiology No.25 | Apples and Chips!

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Once the electrics right themselves you wake up, perhaps just like Mrs. Darrell, wondering …what just happened?

The challenge with heart electricity, just like the kind BELCO delivers, is that sometimes service can be spotty. When the electrics operate normally you don’t even think about it. When there’s a few skipped beats or a gentle pause it might get your attention with a little flutter or momentary lightheadedness. If it stops all together for more than a few seconds, it’s lights out until the system reboots.

After we inserted Mrs. Darrell’s chip, we programmed it to make a recording of her heart beat if the rate went too fast or too slow. The normal heart rate (pulse) ranges between 60-100 beats per minute. Sometimes during sleep it might dip into the 40’s. During exercise the normal pulse can reach 150-170 beats/minute, sometimes higher. So we programmed the chip to make a recording if her pulse dipped below 30 or above 180 beats per minute. When she passed out in town last month, her heart rhythm was wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to her cellphone, after which I received an email, not from Mrs. Darrell or her daughter, but from Abbott Medical’s, saying that 11:34 my patient’s heart stopped beating. Below is the recording that came with it.  Have a look.

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