Arugula and Bioresorbable Stents

As I’ve been on holiday with the family, I thought this would be a good time to release one of my original newsletters for new subscribers, now in our new, improved format. I hope you enjoy it.


The Annals of Cardiology No. 1| Arugula and Bioresorbable Stents

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I have a patient who is certain that his identity resides entirely in his brain. His body is foreign – it wasn’t the one he wanted – and he regards it as vehicle designed to nourish and protect his brain while moving it from one location to the next. When he talks this way, I listen. To him it doesn’t matter what type of technology science comes up with next to improve or repair a body’s shortcomings – sutures, staples, wires, plates, screws, valves, pacemakers, defibrillators, tubular conduits, implants, fillings, joints – he’s all for it. He does not see the exchange of a mechanical part for a biological one as an intrusion. I don’t think exactly like that.

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