Heart Disease and PTSD

The Annals of Cardiology No. 16 | Heart Disease and PTSD. Do defibrillator patients develop PTSD? Are men or women more likely to develop stress disorders? Why do doctors pick cardiology? Find the answers and more in this week’s newsletter!


The Annals of Cardiology No. 16 | Heart Disease and PTSD

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Can you name five momentous events in your life? Graduation? Your first pay check? Your wedding? The birth of a child? Retirement? These are sentinel events, each dividing life into a before and an after. But not all momentous events are happy ones. Divorce and loss of a loved one can also divide life into a before and an after. So can illness.

A major illness becomes a momentous event when it is perceived as a betrayal. To one extent or another, we have all been betrayed by our bodies. If you’re lucky, it shows up in small doses – a new wrinkle, another grey hair, the knee that gives way. But what’s it like to be betrayed by your heart? That’s big. It seems there’s so little on earth one can actually trust – if not your own heart, then what?

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