Coronary Calcium Scores

The Annals of Cardiology No. 15 | Coronary Calcium Scores. What is your Coronary Calcium Score? How radioactive are bananas? Are calcium supplements contributing to heart disease? Find out in this week’s newsletter!


The Annals of Cardiology No. 15 | Coronary Calcium Scores

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Are you curious about your inner workings? When something hurts, most of us want to know what’s going on inside so it can be fixed. But what about when you feel fine? Do you really want to go looking for problems that might surface 10 years from now? I don’t know anybody who looks forward to a PAP smear or mammogram, and let’s not even discuss prostate exams. But, as health matters go, how in tune are you to the #1 thing that could get you – heart disease?  If you’re unclear about your personal risk, or what to do about it, ask your doctor if you should have a coronary artery calcium (CAC) scan.

Recently, I’ve had a flurry of questions about CAC scans, I suppose because our local hospital just announced this “new heart test”. The fact that the test has been around for decades and available in Bermuda for years is another matter. But today I’d like to share the 5 most common questions asked in my office about coronary artery calcium scans, and the one important question nobody asks.

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