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Annals of Cardiology No.10, Charlie Rose and the Occulo-stenoic Reflex. What in the world does Charlie Rose’s most recent scandal have to do with the world of cardiology? Find out how in this revealing issue of The Annals of Cardiology…


The Annals of Cardiology No. 10 | Charlie Rose and The Oculo-stenotic Reflex

This has been an awful year for Charlie Rose. In February, the former CBS This Morning anchor endured heart surgery. This month he was stripped of his journalism awards and fired amidst allegations of sexual harassment, taking his place amongst a growing list of Hollywood and network-higherups, being called out for inappropriate behavior towards persons who trusted him. As has become apparent, entertainment executives have, for decades, operated under the assumption that a lack of restraint might go unnoticed or unreported as long as the status quo was maintained. Why change if that’s how it’s always been?

When the human brain is presented with an image, or sometimes an opportunity, it is also presented with a series of choices. The first choice is often the most primitive, and strongest.  I see a piece of meat. I want to eat it. I see a frosty beer. I want to drink it. I see a beautiful woman. I want to touch it. And on it goes. Thankfully, there are other, more evolved, brain parts which intervene to weigh the immediate consequences of our action (usually something temporarily satisfying or pleasurable) with the longer-term repercussions (what trouble will I cause myself, or someone else?). What allows civilization to function, is the individual and community constraints we implement to keep our primitive inclinations in check.

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