Math During TV Commercials

The Annals of Cardiology No. 8 | Practicing Math During TV Commercials. In this week’s newsletter, Dr. Marshall gives his readers a sneak peak at one of the chapters in his upcoming book, Indispensable Heart. Read ‘A Parable of Statistics’ here…


The Annals of Cardiology No. 8 | Practicing Math During TV Commercials

Are you bewildered by those TV drug commercials that claim a 50% reduction in risk of this-or-that disease?  You know what I’m talking about – the ones featuring some happy grandparent romping through the meadow with his grandchildren, having not had a stroke by virtue of taking the latest blood thinner. For relief you flip the channel to find the lawyer’s commercial for the same drug, telling you to phone 1 – 800 – SUE –  YOUR – DOCTOR  if you took it and bled. What’s a consumer to do?

To help make sense of these ads and understand the conflicting messages, I want to share an excerpt from my book, Indispensable Heart. It is a math lesson masquerading as a love story.  If nothing else, it will bring back school-day memories of your mother telling you to pay attention in math class, because you will use it your entire life.

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